La Diva Design bespoke competition bikinis

La Diva Design™ is the original and best. It remains the number one stage wear brand because it is our philosophy to make each and every competitor feel special. Since its conception, La Diva Design™ has been awarded best bikini on stage and competitors have earned in excess of 1000 trophies with all federations worldwide.

Authentic La Diva Design products can only be bought through this site – accept no imitations.


Professional stagewear designed exclusively for you.

With 4 levels of luxury and 2 styles of suits, to get started creating your bespoke stagewear simply select from the options below. If you are unsure of what you would like we would advise booking a consultation.

Fabric colours available

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Our Customers love us!

  • Nicola (Pureelite)
    I’m in love 🙂 The pictures and videos do it no justice, thank you so much, it’s amazing xxxxx
    Nicola (Pureelite)
  • Naomi (Pureelite)
    You sure have made me feel like a princess! Im so in love with it!
    Naomi (Pureelite)
  • Hugo Kram (Australia)
    Thanks so much. I'm really excited because I have heard you are the best in the business at what you do and I look forward to working together as I grow as a athlete.
    Hugo Kram (Australia)
  • Lorna (Pureelite)
    I’m sorry I haven’t emailed sooner. I wanted to write to thank you for my beautiful bikini and all your help in the run up to pure elite. I felt a million dollars on the day and absolutely love my bikini. I had a great time on the day and I’m planning to compete again, hopefully in November (but we will see how training goes)!
    Lorna (Pureelite)
  • Yasha rakistki (Pureelite)
    I am very happy with the trunks , very good quality and nice box . Thank you!
    Yasha rakistki (Pureelite)
  • Mary in Connecticut
    The suit looks beautiful. I really appreciate your time it crafting such a beautiful piece. I cannot wait to see it!!
    Mary in Connecticut
  • Yolande (WBFF BOSTON)
    OMG!!!!!It is spectacular!!! I am so excited and you have exceeded my expectations! So exquisite ♥️ Thank you!
    Yolande (WBFF BOSTON)
  • Fiona (WBFF Gold Coast)
    Ohhhhh the show was great! So much fun! I have some amazing shots of the bikini! I have just to get them off my professional camera and will be posting them on social media soon! You worked so hard to achieve the most amazing bikini that I wanted to make sure the photography did your hard work justice. I will tag every single one - i promise! I felt amazing. And i cant thank you enough for your wonderful creation!
    Fiona (WBFF Gold Coast)
  • Eva (Miamipro)
    As my first time competing I was very scared and self conscious but once I put my bikini on it boosted my confidence so much and thanks to that and to you I took home my Pro Carg from my very first show? We will definitely work together and I cannot wait to do more shows and wear your bikini. You’re amazing! See you soon ?
    Eva (Miamipro)
  • Emmy (Pure Elite)
    Oh my word - I LOVE IT!! Thank you so much. Can’t wait to receive it through the post.
    Emmy (Pure Elite)
  • Jennifer in Connecticut
    I’m in love with this bikini ??? Thank you so much! You are amazing and so talented ??. So excited to represent you on stage!!!!”
    Jennifer in Connecticut
  • Maddison (PureELite)
    Oh my!!! I’m SO excited to receive this it’s so amazing thank you ????
    Maddison (PureELite)
  • Emma (Pureelite)
    Veronique, the photo that you sent does not do this bikini justice!!!! I am in love! It is truly stunning & fits perfectly! I can’t quite believe just how sparkly & glamorous it is!!!! Thank you so so much xxxxxx  
    Emma (Pureelite)
  • Katia (WBFF)
    LOVE THE SUIT!!!!!!❤️❤️??
    Katia (WBFF)
  • Jennifer in Connecticut
    Thank you!!!! You have been absolutely incredible to work with. I am relieved to have such an incredible designer that I can refer my girls to and have totally piece of mind! You are THE BEST in the industry! ?
    Jennifer in Connecticut
  • Jayda (Miamipro)
    Thank you so much for making everything easy for me ?
    Jayda (Miamipro)
  • Rachel Wakefield (Pureelite)
    Oh my lord it is BEAUTIFUL, I hope I can do it justice! Absolutely love love love it, you are incredible! I am so happy I finally decided to come to you to get my bikini, should have done it from the very start!
    Rachel Wakefield (Pureelite)
  • Dana (WBFF Orlando)
    My suit was an absolute hit!!!!!! Omg. You literally nailed it. I love it so much. Everyone was obsessed and I felt like a bombshell!!!!  
    Dana (WBFF Orlando)
  • Lisa (WBFF USA)
    I wanted to say thank you again for taking me on as a customer. I can’t tell you how much relief I felt in talking to you and working with you. I’m so glad my suit needs are in your hands!
    Lisa (WBFF USA)
  • Jillian (WBFF)
    I am obsessed with my bikini!! It is all that I hoped for and more!!! Thank you so much!!! I can’t stop looking at it. So gorgeous.
    Jillian (WBFF)
  • Yolande (WBFF Boston)
    OMG!!!???? I’m speechless with this gorgeous masterpiece♥️♥️♥️ Fits like a glove and I’m overwhelmed!!  
    Yolande (WBFF Boston)
  • Anca (ukup)
    Veronique!!!!! My bikini is to die for!!!! I tried it on quickly ( the boys were downstairs) and oh my !!!!!! What a stunning bikini ! That’s ALL !! it fits me perfectly ❤️❤️❤️
    Anca (ukup)
  • Jodie (Pure Elite)
    That’s so lovely thank you. I am planning on competing again next year, will definitely get in contact with you to sort my next bikini ? your work is fabulous you’re very talented at what you do ❤️ xx
    Jodie (Pure Elite)
  • Jodie (Pureelite)
    So happy with my bikini it’s absolutely stunning, just tried it on! Bottoms fit perfectly. I’m very very happy and so glad I came to you for my suit ❤️?xx
    Jodie (Pureelite)
  • Martin (Pureelite)
    My trunks have arrived and they are fantastic and fit perfectly. I’m really pleased with them and am so looking forward to wearing them for the Worlds. Thank you so much ☺️  
    Martin (Pureelite)
  • Kerry (UKUP)
    I could cry... it looks amazing x
    Kerry (UKUP)
  • Naomi (UKUP)
    Dear Veronique Best decision I made was finding your amazing talent I’m excited for my next one already - makes me not want to do an off season ?
    Naomi (UKUP)
  • Nikki (WBFF ORLANDO)
    You are absolutely amazing! ?? Thank you so much for all your hard work! You made this part of the process a breeze. Looking forward to working with you again for my next show!
    Nikki (WBFF ORLANDO)
  • Colette in Miami
    Everything is absolutely perfect! Can’t wait to wear it proudly! Can’t thank you enough! Looking forward to future creations together!! ? I’ll send you lots of photos!
    Colette in Miami
  • Natalie (Miamipro)
    Hi veronique, I missed the post man yesterday and had to beg the depot to call me if the driver came back before they closed and they did 🙂 I am over the moon with my bikini, its perfect and a perfect fit. Thank you sooooo much x  
    Natalie (Miamipro)
    Wow, is all I can say! I am absolutely fob smacked this is everything and more I could ever have imagined. I cannot tell you how in love I am with it. Thank you SO much for creating such a beautiful design for me to wear on stage!!!!!! I will get my measurements over later, just at work at the moment but will get them sorted ASAP. Once again, thank you ever so much for creating such a stunning design for me. Can’t quite put into words how happy I am!!!!!
  • Robyn (Pure Elite)
    You have truly outdone yourself Veronique THANK YOU SO SO MUCH!!! You made my vision a reality ??✨❤️ So so excited to represent your bikini!! Xxxxx
    Robyn (Pure Elite)
  • Sonia (World 2nd place WBFF)
    Thank you so much for the absolute gorgeous bikini! Having the privilege of wearing your bikini and representing your brand is truly an honour. I appreciate all of your support, kindness and patience with me. I don't know anyone who can say their designer is also such and amazing role model and friend to them! Lots of love Sonia
    Sonia (World 2nd place WBFF)