About Veronique Rees Fitness Pro

“Where it all started, LA Diva Design and the transition to Veronique Fitness Pro”

The birth of La Diva Design™ from Veronique Rees

I started La Diva Design™ after struggling to find a unique ,glamorous and sophisticated suit to wear on stage. When I started competing in April 2013, the stage was full of boring and unflattering triangle bikinis that did nothing to enhance my curves or support my feminine shape. It was after this struggle that I set about designing my own bikini, and La Diva Design™ was born.

As a serious competitor myself, I know how important the attention to detail can be and why every woman wants to enhance their best assets with the right bikini that flatters their body shape. Being on stage, backstage, and very close to all my fellow competitors I couldn’t help but notice how much more self-confidence you can have if you know that what you’re wearing fits you and your personality perfectly well!

What makes La Diva Design™ special?

Our  bespoke stage wear is designed with you, the competitor, in mind. The bespoke design means your outfit is perfect for your body, highlighting your best assets so you feel as incredible as you look.

The difference is in the detail. Our stage wear is made with Lycra for durability and comfort. Everything is handmade – we carefully shape cups and emphasise your figure to get you stage ready and all set to win that trophy.

Be part of the elite.

Putting the fun and sparkle back into the experience of competing

Let’s face it, the run up to the event, and show day itself isn’t a naturally glamorous experience – in fact, it can be dirty and demoralising.  12 to 16 weeks of hard prep, a week feeling depleted with water loading and lack of food, followed by an undignified application of harsh tan, then no shower and no water for the day of the event. It’s a physically and mentally draining experience. With La Diva Design™, I am able to put the fun and sparkle back into the experience of competing.

La Diva Design™ gives you what it takes to stand out and shine on stage.

From my French heritage, it was only natural that I have always shown an interest in fashion, and it has been a dream come true for me to combine my involvement in the competition world with my passion for design.

Starting my own business and my very own brand has been a real challenge, but I am very grateful for some key people in the fitness industry who believed in me from the start, and made La Diva Design™ a success! The popularity of my designs is far beyond my wildest dreams!

I have a flair for creating the right bikini that represents competitors at their best on stage. I don’t only study their body shape but I take the time to get to know them in person, so that I can provide a bikini that will suit their personality as well and give every competitor that little extra “je ne sais quoi”.

The No.1 elite stage wear brand

Over the years, La Diva Design™ has established a large and loyal following of supporters, because we have built a solid reputation for quality and prestige. We’re featured a lot in the media and online, and we love sharing photos of our divas working their magic.

La Diva Design™ has gone from strength to strength and remained the number one stage wear brand because it is our philosophy to make each and every competitor feel special. Since its conception, La Diva Design™ has been awarded best bikini on stage and competitors have earned excess of 1500 trophies in all federations worldwide.


Don’t take my word for it – experience La Diva Design™ for yourself.