The Design Process

“How we take your ideas to the stage”

At Veronique Fitness Pro™, we are here to help you develop the bikini of your dreams.

Veronique herself has years of design experience and loves nothing more than the excitement of developing a stunning new design. Although you may take inspiration from some of the collection, each design is personalised so that it it is truly unique to you.  In fact, this aspect is the strength of Veronique Fitness Pro™

Because a bikini offers little in the way of coverage, you would be forgiven for thinking that one size fits all and one bikini is just the same as the next, however, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

“We take great pride in creating a design that is an extension of your personality, and perfect for your proportions.”

There is more to designing a bespoke bikini than the basic size and colour requirements, At Veronique Fitness Pro™, we recognise that everyone is unique, and we take great pride in creating a design that is not only an extension of your personality but also perfect for your proportions.

Designing to those unique proportions is vital, because the wrong colour, shape and style not only looks unflattering, but it can also completely undermine the hard work you have put in to sculpt your winning physique.

Whether you want to broaden your shoulders and hips to create the illusion of a more feminine silhouette, enhance areas of your body you want to show off, or downplay a part you may be conscious of, your bikini is the finishing touch, the ultimate accessory that can balance your physical characteristics.

Veronique works her magic to bring your creation to life

Veronique brings your bespoke bikini to life

We create your masterpiece from scratch, we do not “buy in” bikinis.

We create your bespoke masterpiece from scratch

We only use the best high quality fabrics.

We only use the best high quality fabrics for your bikinis

Every aspect is treated with love and care.

Every aspect is treated with love and due care