Consultation with Veronique Rees WBFF PRO and 7 TIMES CHAMPION !

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La Diva Design™ Luxury Backstage Robe
March 2, 2017
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Consultation with Veronique Rees WBFF PRO and 7 TIMES CHAMPION !


Your consultation deposit of £50 will be refunded when you place your bikini order.

This is your first time competing? Not sure about how to look on stage? Veronique Fitness Pro can help with our consultation service and give you all the advice you need to shine on stage in one of our Bespoke Designs made especially for you!

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** Your cost of your consultation will be refunded when purchasing your bespoke bikini **

When you order with La Diva Design , you will get the best bikini on stage. Our company  was the very first ever created Bikini business for the glamorous fitness/modelling competition industry back in January 2013.

We have close to 10 years experience in the business with over a 3000 trophies won globally as well as 5 bespoke bikini and theme wear awards from multiple fitness federations.

We are proud to say that we are the leading bikini company business in the UK.

At competition, wearing a La Diva Design will multiply your chances of being noticed by the judges. Our designs enhance your confidence for your routine on stage and will guarantee you a fantastic experience in all best glamorous federations in the industry!

We are so proud and happy to say that most our clients win or place wearing our designs WORLDWIDE !!!

Before you order your bikini with us, you may not know what colour or design suit you best. Therefore you can book a consultation with me, the designer. You have the option to do so when ordering before check out.

Remember! If really unsure, don’t hesitate to purchase a consultation only. You can place your order after talking to me if you are more comfortable to do it that way.

During your consultation, I will be able to have a good look at you, get to know you better and will be able to match a style and a bikini design to your personality.

We will also be able to cover all of these topics:
All first timers questions will be answered.

What does it takes to compete?
Which competition to enter and which one would suit your body type
The colour/design of your bikini
Advice on hair and make up
Advice on training and diet
Posing shoes for which federations
Your stage presentation
Your posing
How to build your social media
Which photographers to book a shoot with
Which tanning company to use
How to stand out on stage

When you place your order and after booking your session with me to help understand what you would like, don’t hesitate to send me some ideas via email from our INSTAGRAM account (@veroniquefitnesspro).

All of our consultations are 20 minute slots, all done via FaceTime or Skype. even whatsapp or instagram videocall.

We also accept studio visits you are  willing to travel to us :). We are located in SURREY GU16

We are so looking forward to working with you!

Good luck with your preps and please do not hesitate to contact me via email if you need any more help.


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